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Bastide St Matthieu, Grasse 2017 - photo courtesy of www.clairebasiuk.co.uk

Bastide St Matthieu, Grasse 2017 - photo courtesy of www.clairebasiuk.co.uk

Let me say first that music is very very important to my husband and I; we love how certain songs can instantly set a tone and create a moment, so getting the music right for our wedding meant a great deal to me. As we were having our wedding in France, I was very nervous that I wouldn't 'gel' with whoever was in charge of music, or that language would become a barrier.  Enter Nick! From his website and other testimonials from couples I was instantly put at ease. We had a lovely Skype session to get to know one another, and got on really well from the get go. He seemed to bounce off my neuroticism and wouldn't mind when I sent him panic emails at 3am! 

One of my favourite memories of the day was being inside getting ready and hearing the music start as guests were arriving. I had given Nick a small sample playlist of what sort of music I wanted playing for this part of the day and he put together the most beautiful playlist. The best moment was when I heard a song I hadn't heard since my early teens which I loved so much and had since forgotten about, and just by chance and by getting a vibe of my music interests he came across that song and included it! 

Later on the dance floor was in full swing, with a range of songs to suit all tastes which is just what I wanted. Nick got on well with all my guests, and everybody commented how personable and fun he was.  It truly felt like Nick was one of the wedding guests, and we loved having him there. He is approachable, fun and just excellent at what he does. 

Being a bride is stressful as you feel you're spinning a hundred plates, and all you want is to be able to confidently hand one of those plates to someone knowing it will all be wonderful and taken care of. Give one of your plates to Nick, trust me. 

Rob and sophie

Domaine de Blanche Fleur, Provence 2017

Domaine de Blanche Fleur, Provence 2017

Sophie and I got married at Blanche Fleur in Chateauneuf de Gadagne this April and Nick was our DJ. From the moment of first contacting him to even after our wedding he has been the most friendly and down to earth guy as well as being incredibly professional and easy to work 

He is an amazingly skilled DJ both technically and in his ability to keep 100 people bouncing around the dance floor for 5 hours straight. He played exactly the type of music we asked for in such a creative way through a great sound system. It was so good that all our friends keep asking for a copy of his mix.

Nick brought a great sense of style and fun to the day and we would definitely recommend him (2 of our friends already want to book him for their wedding!).  

Thanks again Nick, Rob and Soph