If you’re looking for a wedding venue with a view in the South of France you’ll be lucky to find anywhere better than the Bastide de Gordes.  Set into the hillside in this stunning, lofty ancient village the hotel has views that stretch for miles as can be seen from the photo of Chris and Amy’s wedding - an occasion that I had the privilege of DJing at.  

Gordes is said to be one of the most beautiful villages in all of France and with its narrow cobbled streets between tall houses built into the high rocks it's easy to see why.  The castle and church at it's centre loom above the village giving it a picture perfect look.  

The Bastide de Gordes Hotel and Spa has been totally gutted and renovated in the last few months and the results are extremely impressive.  

As for the wedding - what a party!   Chris and Amy wanted all the benefits of a wedding in the South of France (that view across Provence, the wine, the food, the weather) but didn't want to compromise on the music so booked UK DJs Abroad.  Their own taste for RnB and hip-hop mixed with some dancefloor classics meant that their guests got exactly what they were up for after such a great day and it went off!  Ripped trousers, disco strutting, break-dancing (even an extremely famous but remaining anonymous celebrity) - it had the lot.  

If the disco/party is as important a part of your big day as it was for Chris and Amy you will love this venue and the room where the party took place.  Low ceilings, a contained space and a cool lawn just outside (with that view of course) all made for an intimate party with a great atmosphere.  So if you're looking for a wedding venue with a view check out Bastide de Gordes.  If you want to get married in Provence, the French Riviera or anywhere else in the South of France but want to have all your favourite party tunes from home, check out UK DJs Abroad!