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The 'All-night' Wedding Photo Booth


The 'All-night' Wedding Photo Booth

If you’ve ever booked UK DJs Abroad for an event, been to one of our weddings or met any of our DJs, you will know that we love a good party. Making sure people have a good time is at the core of our business; it’s why we do what we do. We also know that the good times happen when the kids have gone to sleep, when everyone has let their hair down, the shoes are off and when the photographer has gone home…. WAIT, the photographer has gone home?! 

Who’s going to capture those crazy after-midnight moments that you can laugh about forever?! 

Well, let us introduce you to the ‘all-night’ Photo Booth - also known, pretty simply as, the ‘UK DJs Abroad Photo Booth’. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, private party or corporate event, you can capture ALL the party pictures with our stylish photo booths. Create everlasting memories for you and your guests, leaving them with printed mementos to take home on the night and cherish forever. When you book our photo booth along with our DJ services, the booth will be in action until the end of the very last song, meaning you can keep capturing the fun long after your wedding photographer has gone home. 

UK DJs Abroad Photobooth

Our photo booths are small and stylish and take up very little room. With their open format, they can fit more people into each snap than traditional closed booths - no more squeezing into one photo and having your head cut off. 

If you’re feeling like the Instagram star that you are, you can share your images on social media directly from the booth. You can also add your own #hashtag, brand logo and website to each image to really boost your company or event, sending them global. We can tailor the design for each wedding or event and you can choose from several layout options resulting in personal, dated, finished photos from the night. Photos can also be shared via email and SMS to let your friends and family join in the party they are missing. 

Each booth includes unlimited instant high-quality prints delivered via a Canon DSLR camera and a top-end professional printer. The simple touchscreen instructions make the booth incredibly easy to use - even Grandma could capture the fun - and there is no need to incur an extra cost of having an operator there. After the event, you will have total access to every single photo taken on the night via a personal online gallery. Enjoy every image again and again then simply download, share or print the ones you want to keep. 

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The Perfect Wedding Day Music


The Perfect Wedding Day Music

There are many things to think about when planning a wedding. We know - we have been to A LOT of weddings. From the guest list to the venue, the catering to the cake, the all-important date, the choice of wines, the flowers, the dress and the shoes. The list is endless and for some, understandably, a little overwhelming. 

Unless you enjoy the sound of silence, Music Management on your wedding day is one of the most important choices you will need to make. At UK DJs Abroad, we know that the right music, the right lighting and the right DJ really makes the difference between an ordinary event and one no-one will ever forget. So without further ‘I Do’, here are our top tips to ensure your wedding day sounds as good as it looks. 

1. Soundtrack Your Entire Wedding Day with Song 

Unless you’re getting married in Vegas (we’re not judging), you’ve probably had time to prepare and think about the running order of your wedding day. Maybe you’ve had it planned to perfection since the age of 16. Whatever the case, from the minute you wake up on your big day, you’re going to have more on your ‘to do’ list than simply saying ‘I Do’. Your wedding planner will make everything look amazing, the caterer will have everything tasting incredible - but what about the music? Who will have everything sounding great? 

By employing a professional to manage the music on your wedding day, you won’t have to think about volumes, playlists, speakers, equipment or awkward silences. Work with your wedding planner and venue to understand what will happen at each part of the day and decide if music will enhance the atmosphere. Unless you’re getting married in a library, the sound of music can really make the atmosphere of your day.  

We work with each and every client to create the perfect setlist. We can advise on the perfect background selection too. Whether it’s beautiful Balearic beats around the pool or acoustic love songs at cocktail hour in a vineyard; we’ll create an ambiance to really set the tone of such a special day. As music lovers, we are passionate about creating the perfect setting for you and your guests.

2). Wedding Day Speeches - Make Sure You Have Your Say on Your Day 

Standing up in front of 200 people in a wedding dress and making an emotional speech might sound like your idea of hell, so you’ll be glad to know there are no rules when it comes to wedding day speeches. Whether you want to perform an entire monologue or simply say a few heartfelt ‘thank yous’, our advice is to have your speeches planned in advance. Even the most vocal family member can be lost for words when presented with a mic, so it’s always best to know who is going to speak and what is going to be said. Here’s our tips for getting those wedding speeches spot on:

  • Keep the speeches short and know who is up next to avoid any awkward silences or last minute speakers.

  • Write your speech down and practice it so you don’t forget to say the important things you’ve been thinking about all year.

  • Be clear who is going to have the mic next and work with your wedding planner to have some order to make the speeches as smooth as possible.

  • If you have your music managed by UK DJs Abroad, our DJs will be on hand with wireless mics, volume control and background music in-between to make sure that each speech sounds the absolute best it can.

3). Momentous Music

You may not have thought about that entrance song, the cake cutting anthem or the first dance number, so it’s worth thinking about the key moments of the day and filling it with song. You’ll be surprised at how many wedding couple don’t think about this, and trust us - music can absolutely make a moment. The entrance of a newly-married couple signals the start of a great reception dinner and the right cake-cutting track can really get everyone in the mood for the party that follows it. Here are more tips for the highlights of the day:

  • Have a think about the flow of the day and what those big moments are. 

  • Keep a note of your most sentimental and cherished songs that mean something to you. 

  • Do you want your favourite song played as you sit down for dinner for the first time as a newly married couple? 

  • Are you going to cut the cake to music? Without music, the atmosphere could be lacklustre at such a special moment. 

  • Think about the last song of the night. Do you want your favourite track played to signal the end of an amazing day? 

To prove how important music can be at these moments, here’s a clip of an entrance song (suggested by UK DJs Abroad) working its magic at one of our previous events:

4) The First Dance

There are no real rules when it comes to the structure of your day. If you don’t want to be awkwardly swung around a dance floor for three and a half minutes by your new husband or wife, the great news is that you absolutely don’t have to. However, hear us out. With the right song and some pre-planned practice steps, that three and a half minutes could be one of the highlights of the day, surrounded by your friends and family. If you like the idea of a slow-dance track into a big party anthem to start the reception party, our DJs can absolutely make that happen. We can even re-edit tracks or fade out at the appropriate time if you’d rather keep it brief.  That first dance song can be the gateway to a brilliant night for you and your guests. 

Whether you want an emotionally-charged ballad from Ed Sheeran or the song you and your partner danced to on your first holiday together; this is your day and your music choices. Dad and daughter dances can be pretty special too, so get some feedback from the family about what’s important to you and yours. Here’s a selection of our most requested First Dance tracks for inspiration. 

UK DJs Abroad Most Requested First Dance Songs

  1. Perfect - Ed Sheeran 

  2. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

  3. Finally - Kings of Tomorrow 

  4. At Last - Etta James 

  5. All of Me - John Legend

  6. Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton 

  7. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden 

  8. Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe - Barry White

  9. Love on Top - Beyonce

  10. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye 

5) Preparation for the Perfect Party 

To have the best party possible, discuss your music tastes with your DJ in advance and tell them what you like and dislike. A great DJ will build a playlist around your favourite genres without needing a huge list of songs. Remember, the job of a good DJ is to ensure everyone has a great time on the dance floor and not to simply play a list of 100 pre-planned songs. A little bit of prep will ensure the best party possible when it comes to you and your guests. 

UK DJs Abroad DJs are highly-experienced music lovers who are there to make sure the reception party is one to truly remember. Our DJs will ensure the set includes your favourite songs and your favourite artists while offering something for everybody to enjoy the night. Whether you’re a Disco Diva, a 90s Raver, a Pop Princess or a Hip-Hop & R&B King or Queen, we’ll make sure your reception setlist is blended to perfection, leaving everyone entertained.  

If your mind goes blank when thinking of your favourite songs, here’s one of our Spotify Playlists featuring our most requested tunes to get you thinking about those must-have floor-fillers. 

6) Ask the Experts 

When it comes to wedding music, sound and lighting, ask the experts. Work with people who genuinely have a passion for music and have experience at catering for a diverse wedding audience. 

With over 300 events under our belt, UK DJs Abroad have provided parties, background music, sound and lighting across the South of France and beyond. Whether you’re getting married in Provence in France or Lake Garda in Italy, UK DJs Abroad will make sure everyone understands the universal language of great music. 

At UK DJs Abroad, we promise to provide you with our extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to putting on a party. We’ll sort all the sound, mics, lights, music and DJ, and can advise you on things that you may not have thought of, meaning you won’t need to worry about anything other than enjoying the day.

If you would like to discuss creating the perfect tailored soundtrack to your wedding, get in touch with us at UK DJs Abroad by dropping us an email - For a full list of our services, visit the Services page.