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The 'All-night' Wedding Photo Booth


The 'All-night' Wedding Photo Booth

If you’ve ever booked UK DJs Abroad for an event, been to one of our weddings or met any of our DJs, you will know that we love a good party. Making sure people have a good time is at the core of our business; it’s why we do what we do. We also know that the good times happen when the kids have gone to sleep, when everyone has let their hair down, the shoes are off and when the photographer has gone home…. WAIT, the photographer has gone home?! 

Who’s going to capture those crazy after-midnight moments that you can laugh about forever?! 

Well, let us introduce you to the ‘all-night’ Photo Booth - also known, pretty simply as, the ‘UK DJs Abroad Photo Booth’. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, private party or corporate event, you can capture ALL the party pictures with our stylish photo booths. Create everlasting memories for you and your guests, leaving them with printed mementos to take home on the night and cherish forever. When you book our photo booth along with our DJ services, the booth will be in action until the end of the very last song, meaning you can keep capturing the fun long after your wedding photographer has gone home. 

UK DJs Abroad Photobooth

Our photo booths are small and stylish and take up very little room. With their open format, they can fit more people into each snap than traditional closed booths - no more squeezing into one photo and having your head cut off. 

If you’re feeling like the Instagram star that you are, you can share your images on social media directly from the booth. You can also add your own #hashtag, brand logo and website to each image to really boost your company or event, sending them global. We can tailor the design for each wedding or event and you can choose from several layout options resulting in personal, dated, finished photos from the night. Photos can also be shared via email and SMS to let your friends and family join in the party they are missing. 

Each booth includes unlimited instant high-quality prints delivered via a Canon DSLR camera and a top-end professional printer. The simple touchscreen instructions make the booth incredibly easy to use - even Grandma could capture the fun - and there is no need to incur an extra cost of having an operator there. After the event, you will have total access to every single photo taken on the night via a personal online gallery. Enjoy every image again and again then simply download, share or print the ones you want to keep. 

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