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At UK DJs Abroad we understand that our job is to get people up dancing and keep them there.  Following a consultation we’ll work with you to create a unique playlist to give you the event you are looking for.  We can employ our vast experience to advise you on what music will work for your event using a blend of contemporary tunes and classic cuts.  Whether it’s club classics, commercial hits, golden oldies, disco grooves, soul, funk, pop or rock the music will be geared towards getting the party started and people on their feet.  

As well as the main event, we can also create background music for ceremonies, drinks parties and dining plus samples and/or mixes for awards ceremonies and catwalk shows.  The music will always be tailored in line with your requirements but below are some example mixes to give you a flavour of what we can deliver.  

wedding / Party selection

Check out this Spotify selection for 150 of the tracks most often requested and played at UKDJs Abroad weddings.  A mix of oldies and newies taking in soul, disco, pop, house, funk, hip-hop, R&B and rock.  

To create a truly unique experience we use many remixes and dancefloor friendly edits of popular tracks that you won't find anywhere else, including Spotify! 


dj mixes

If you're hosting a party or club event where dance and electronic music is required the professionally blended DJ mixes below will give you a flavour of what we can deliver.

Party mix:

An eclectic mix of funk, soul, hip-hop, pop, disco, house and rock - perfect for getting the party started

St Tropez Pool Party Mix

A mix of sunshine house tunes inspired by the St Tropez pool party lifestyle


A house and disco mix of party classics, new cuts and remixes of oldies.  

discotronic mix:

Disco-infused house music for getting the party started

Check out for more mixes